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Cool projects going on at KitsuneHiFi

The spring dac was special for RMAF 2016 , we decided to promote and show off it’s beautiful design. As it’s exterior is quite elegant and sleek. The interior is something we are very proud of. The pcb is painstakingly designed with care and precision. This is part of how it measures so well with linearity. The left and right channel’s are perfectly mirror images of each other with exactly the same trace lengths and component placement. check out what we did to show this off… Customers are now asking us for this option, It “MIGHT” be available in our store, but the cost is yet to be determined. Likely will be 100usd for a full color, gloss laminated, with squeegee installation tool and shipping included. These are printed on a top of line Latex printer that is capable of 1200DPI resolution. print quality is excellent.

Printing them on our 30k latex printer Stickers for kitsunehifi

Full color stickers have also been made and can be sent on request with orders if we have in stock. All KitsuneTuned Edition items are exclusive to owners/buyers from KitsuneHiFi ONLY.  We are HoloAudio USA and only offer to our direct customers exclusive VIP items for their special edition Dac.

Spring Dac with PCB stickerour end results was a beautiful gloss laminated finish and high resolution image of it’s internal beauty. We are proud of this dac and all the materials that went into it. Each component is specially paired and all are factory authorized and tested. These are backed by Jeff Zhu and fully factory warrantied.  This shows off the beautiful solid silver O-type transformer, our new wiring updates with 1.5mm solid silver wire, direct soldered to pcb with mundorf supremem 9.5% silver solder. also pure silver Oyaide faston connectors, Audio Horizon Platinum reference fuse.

Also we will be offering optional copper badging for some of our new product, check this out. we even got new business cards for RMAF.

My wif'e's Business is always professional.
My wif’e’s Business is always professional.

Copper KitsuneHiFi emblem Copper KitsuneHiFi emblem 1.25 Copper KitsuneHiFi emblem

Solid pure copper badging is actually for a few projects… one will be our new BendyHead Headphone stands, and the other will be optional badges for the spring dac. such as below. Pricing will vary from 10usd-20usd per badge.


Kitsune Tuned Edition Copper Badge Kitsune Tuned Edition Copper Badge

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