Audio-GD HDMi Input module Upgrade for M11/NOS11


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HDMI model pins define:
Pin 1 : SDATA –                      Pin 2 : GND                          Pin 3 : SDATA +
Pin 4 : SCLK +                        Pin 5 : GND                          Pin 6 : SCLK –
Pin 7 : LRCK –                         Pin 8 : GND                          Pin 9 : LRCK +
Pin 10: MCLK +                      Pin 11: GND                          Pin 12: MCLK –
Pin 13: NC                             Pin 14: NC                            Pin 15: NC
Pin 16: NC                             Pin 17: GND                          Pin 18: NC
Pin 19: Auto on control (Available in the input kit .Non use in the output kit, but can custom order.)

The Pins define of the SDATA,SCLK, LRCK and MCLK can be exchange by users.
The I2S output kit can power supply by +3.3V (max 3.5V). Power spend around 25MA . The output kit had setting always ON .
The I2S input kit must power supply by +3.3V (max 3.5V), power spend around 15MA.
The one wire on the kit connect to the power supply, the 5 wires connect to GND ,SDATA ,SCLK, LRCK and MCLK  .
The kits up to 32 bit 384KHz support but depend on the HDMI cable quality , the HDMI cable shorter is better .

Please note: Don’t hot push / pull of the I2S cable. Any time must power off the units then push or pull the I2S cable.
The kit had full test before shipping, we don’t offer the warranty because it can easy shatter by users wrong operate .
If customer want to replace the USB32 in audio-gd’s DAC, please inform while place the order.


Master 11 HDMI input module


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