Elfidelity AXF-100 ULTRA III USB isolator audio filter for PC

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Elfidelity AXF-100 III USB isolator audio filter for PC (newest model)

Perfect product for anyone using a PC or HTPC as a source cloud with a converter (DAC) USB.

Component-based and high-end connectivity, it will clean the USB port of the noise generated by the switching power supply while allowing injection if you wish 5V “clean” from an external source (battery, power supply Linear etc. ..). DC Connector type: 3.4mm OD/1.4 mm ID

This product integrates an advanced power management can automatically switch if for example the external power supply were to no longer power the module correctly.


  • Maximum current: 5A
  • Maximum Power: 25W
  • Automatic power switching speed: <5ms
  • Ripple factor: <1Hz
  • Japanese capacitors *
  • Shielded Inductors from TDK
  • Japanese HP Relays from Takamisawa
  • Dimensions (PCB): 90 x 60 mm
  • Weight: 130 g

Green light (DATA)—–prompt in the built-in power supply state
Red Light (External Power)—–prompt in external power supply state

Yellow light (Built in Power)—–prompt whether USB signal access

*Japan Chemical 680uf large capacity solid capacitors • Fujitsu 560uf all solid capacitors, • Philips high frequency film capacitors • AVX tantalum capacitors, • TDK fully shielded inductors • Japan Takashi, TAKAMISAWA high power relays

For the protection of USB signals:

  • Native non-bridging USB signal access, starting from the bus and drive to find the most simple level design, to avoid jitter
  • Hardware layer in strict accordance with the design specifications differential traces, through industrial level of EMI test
  • Built-in power supply directly introduced from the power source, completely isolated USB bus power, avoiding the motherboard, other electrical equipment interference
  • Multi-band, progressive times, the ultimate power filter design provides high stability, high-purity current
  • Power dynamic compensation technology, large dynamic automatic compensation, providing constant ripple
  • Less than 1Hz pure power! Multi-mode power input seamless switching, intelligent protection design
  • Line loss compensation accuracy: 0.01%

For USB-powered security:

  • internal and external self-powered identification, automatic switching, self-protection. The external power supply is lower than 4.8 V or removed, automatically and seamlessly switch back to the built-in power supply. Device is not lost, not be damaged.
  • Shutdown automatically disconnect the external power supply to ensure USB audio device is completely powered off, prevent no signal load to damage to the equipment, energy-saving external power supply.

Intelligent power optimization design

Choose a variety of external power supply (optional, DC inlet 3.4/1.4 mm – 5V), especially designed for optimizing the use of battery power

  • Automatic monitoring, when battery loss of pressure and removed automatically switch to the built-in power supply, without having to manually select
  • Automatic shut off external power supply, protective equipment, to save battery
  • Filter mobile power supply ripple boost circuit – Perfect circuit design

Package: (just as the below picture show)

  • 1PC internal USB Power Filter Board
  • 1PC USB 3.0 Cable
  • 1PC USB 2.0 Cable
  • External PSU (wallwart) and dc cable (ultra 2021 models)


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 2 × 6 in

1 review for Elfidelity AXF-100 ULTRA III USB isolator audio filter for PC

  1. Karol Dominczak (verified owner)

    I have tired it on my PC , had to connect to USB3.0 connector as my mother board had no connector for 2.0 and… After 15 hrs of listening in comparison to my previous USB 2.0 connection now it sounds flat, harmonics are not there, bass is also worse, high frequency sounds like cymbals sound like someone took an equalized and cut out 16Khz , no air , soundstage also flat with no width or stereo space . All of it with quality LPS used as external power source .
    Could it be something wrong with 3.0 output in my PC Sounding this way?
    After quick reconnecting to old USB 2.0 port hard wired to the mother board all magic came back .

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