Elfidelity AXF-104 Ultra PCI / PCI Express Power Supply Filter III

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Elfidelity AXF-104 Ultra PCI / PCI Express Power Supply Filter III

Stunning design for PCI or PCI Express. Reversible PCB power filter is designed to provide ultra clean power to all connected cards (sound card interfaces, GPU etc…)

Developed by Elfidelity in partnership with Studio Apexi this unique product is a one of a kind. It brings a HIFI response to the problem of “Noise” switching power supplies powering the vast majority of PCs today. Can prevent video card coil whine and improve overclocking as well as reduce noise floor for an ultimate PC audio build spec.

No drivers or cumbersome setup, this product is totally transparent to the system level.


  • Compatible PCI or PCI Express (reversible PCB)
  • Comes with screws and Sticker
  • Status indication LEDs
  • Dimensions: 130 x 70 mm
  • Weight: 300 g
  • Package:1PC power filter Board


Using PCI / PCI-E X1 dual interface design, remove the card rotate 180°switch between the PCI / PCI-E.
PCI-E X1 interface is compatible with PCI-E 1x 4x 8x 16 x four different speed slot.

This image shows same card but configured two different ways with the mounting plate reversed to other side. PCI setup on left and PCI-e on the right.



If your HIFI PC interior space abundance, we recommend you use “double array” approach, for PCI / PCIE (sound card) audio devices provide “absolute quiet” zero hertz power supply solutions.

This is the ideal setup for ultimate power cleaning – two pieces, yet one piece each to be installed on the far ends of the motherboard as shown, then install critical system boards in between them. Such as the video card into the pci-e 16x slot etc. These can improve overclocks and also reports of eliminating coil whine from video cards. PURE power helps reduce heat, which in turn improves speed and potential overclocks. Even if you don’t overclock, the cleaner power will translate to less noise to the USB output for your sensitive audio gear. Less noise equals better sound. This is a very affordable mod that can make a good PC be an excellent ultra low electrical noise audio PC.


1 review for Elfidelity AXF-104 Ultra PCI / PCI Express Power Supply Filter III

  1. Aaron Inami

    The idea of this card is excellent. However, when tested I found that it smoothed out the audio too much. I suspected this may happen because the card uses two rows of Panasonic SEPF Polymer capacitors. While Polymer capacitors do have several good points, they just do not respond to fast transients. The result is that the high frequency attack and speed is softened and smoothed out. Audio loses it’s vibrancy and visceral impact. I replaced the SEPF caps with Nichicon FG and it made a significant improvement on response. I would recommend the manufacture remove the Polymer caps from this design.

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