Elfidelity AXF-107 “Magician” PCI-E 1x / 16x [Rainbow Sugar Max] power purification HiFi PC audio – PC Filter card


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Elfidelity AXF-107 Ultra PCI Express 1x/16x Power Supply Filter

Stunning design for PCI Express. Reversible PCB power filter is designed to provide ultra clean power to all connected cards (sound card interfaces, GPU etc…) both supporting PCIE 1x and 16x slots!

Developed by Elfidelity in partnership with Studio Apexi this unique product is a one of a kind. It brings a HIFI response to the problem of “Noise” switching power supplies powering the vast majority of PCs today. Can prevent video card coil whine and improve overclocking as well as reduce noise floor for an ultimate PC audio build spec.

No drivers or cumbersome setup, this product is totally transparent to the system level.


  • Compatible PCI Express (reversible PCB)
  • Comes with screws and Sticker
  • Status indication LEDs and adjustable colors
  • Dimensions: 16cm length 7cm tall
  • Package:1PC power filter Board

Using  PCI-E dual interface design, remove the card rotate 180°switch between thePCI-E.
PCI-E interface is compatible with PCI-E 1x  and 4x 8x 16 x four different speed slot.


If your HIFI PC interior space abundance, we recommend you use “double array” approach, for PCIE (sound card) audio devices provide “absolute quiet” zero hertz power supply solutions.



LED colors are configurable with dip switches if you choose.




different height riser cards are able to be switched out for ultimate compatibility with cases.


this card supercedes the original AXF-104. And is significantly improved performance with better power filtration.

Features and differences of AXF-107 update:
·  The biggest difference:   switching between PCI-E 16x and PCI-E 1x slots. Compatible with PCI Express 1X, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x interfaces and PCI Express 1.0 / 2.0 / 3.0.
·  Additional use:   TDK common mode inductance, muRata EMI inductance.
·  Continue to use: Sanyo SVPF polymer solid state capacitor, AVX tantalum capacitor.
·  Upgrade and use:  WIMA MKP-10 and EVOX MMK metal grinding capacitors.
·  New use:   DEQ audio series, Elum gold series, eLED BP series axial electrodeless capacitor.
·  Function change:  two groups of LEDs can independently control the color, 7 different RGB colors, or you can choose to turn off the LED.
·  Performance improvement:  specially for high-end graphics card (PCI-E 16x device) high power to be responsible for the interference of audio equipment and purification. Improve the listening sense of external USB audio device.


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