Elfidelity AXF-86 ULTRA+ 4 Pin Power Filter for PC Chassis Fans


note: KitsuneHiFi recommends one of these for every fan inside of your PC Computer. We have 6 of these inside our water cooled audio/gaming grade PC with radiator fans.

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Elfidelity AXF-86 ULTRA+ 4 Pin Power Filter for Fans




Because Fan motor is a serious interference sources on the PC’s power grid! Harmonics generated in the operation of the motor, with the grid will be diffused, thereby interfering with other electrical equipment. Inside the PC, interference caused from PC fans and hard drives cannot be solved by using external AC power strip. Therefore, PC-related equipment inside the motor, that is the biggest source of electromagnetic interference for PC. For Hard disk and CD-ROM you can use SATA power filters, if used for fans then you can use this 4Pin FAN Power filter. It’s extremely effective isolation of fan motor’s influence on the PC within the power grid, providing ultra clean PC power and ensures that the PC audio environment will not be compromised from cooling fan electrical noise. This is a must have for any serious builder of an audio grade PC.

AXF-86 ULTRA + shown (NEW model)


This Elfidelity filter will ensure that the most polluting elements within a computer (ie fan motors) will propagate the noise generated until the internal or USB Audio components.

It helps to make the deep black background audio.

Developed by Elfidelity this unique product of its kind brings HIFI response to the problem of “noise” inherent in the vast majority of PC-based systems.


  • PCB mounted on shock absorbing double-face sticker
  • Compatible PC power connector 4 pin (fans)
  • Extension 4 pin (female to female) 25 cm
  • Dimensions: 80 x 25 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 50 g
AXF-86 shown (older model)

Technology and materials

  • Uses a dual independent parallel filter isolation design ideas, ladder filter,
  • Japan ELNA hifi Audio
  • Japan Ruby RX30 professional power supply filter capacitor
  • Polymer solid capacitors
  • Philips BBC metal film capacitors
  • TDK power inductors
AXF-86 shown (older model)

When installation please note the direction, one end of the “IN” connected to motherboard, “OUT” Connecting the PC fan

The blue LED on the board it’s an indication for Fan Power Noise Filter working condition. If the LED strobe obvious or pulsed off, I recommend not using this Fan


Package: (just as the below first picture show)

  • 1PC 4Pin FAN Power filter
  • 1PC 4Pin Power cable
AXF-86 shown (older model)


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