Elfidelity AXF-94 ULTRA SATA Power Noise Filter Purifier PC-HiFi Hard disk


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Elfidelity AXF-94 SATA Power Noise Filter Purifier PC-HiFi Hard disk


Item Main Usage:

Purifying power supply to protect the hard disk and avoid the PC inner power supply interference to improve the PC output audio Quality(the similar item is KOREA SOTM ‘S Hard disk filter-The price is much higher than ours but ours’compatibility is much better )

PLS note: some kinds of chassis (crosswise disk) and part of the disk Tray (mostly is SSD) can’t be installed. We choose the Hi-end Audio SMD capacitor and the Board area use to the extreme so it is easy fall off and could cause HDD interrupted crash, so when you install it please be careful! Make sure you have sufficient room for this device.

PC switching power supply provides is very impure and is often unstable, stable and clean power can effectively protect the HDD and work with high efficiency and stability. The quality of the power supply also affects the HDD working temperature, the better power supply, the lower the HDD temperature. It also can be very good for reducing chassis and ambient temperature.

Brand: Elfidelity
Model: Small hard candy

Product Type:  SATA Power Noise Filter


1. As a filter, it can effectively deal with PC switching power which is known to provide impure power from the supply. This will buffer and eliminate the current ripple and isolation of high-power devices (such as VGA Card, CPU, etc.) when products are running they will create interference and voltage ripple. This plays a protective role on the hard disk. Ideal for audio grade setups.

2. It has a two-way filter ground isolation design, while blocking the hard work of self-generated severe EMI interference and provides good supporting role optimization.


Japan’s ruby ​​capacitors, WIMA Capacitor, TDK’s power inductor and AVX tantalum capacitors


This board with “white” and “blue” two LED, an assessment of the role it played in the electricity supply environment (including users power supply). If the LED does not light or stroboflash, it is recommended to replace the power supply.



1PC assembled board



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