Singxer SDA-1 HiFi DAC – AK4490 I2S XMOS USB 384KHz DSD512 (open box, new)



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SDA-1 – HiFi DAC 

1. Independent research and development of adaptive clock system technology, built-in 4 independent ultra-low jitter audio crystal oscillator for the USB part of the configuration of the local clock system femtosecond level (customized version of CCHD-575)

2. High-performance digital-analog hybrid phase-locked loop, excellent clock synchronization recovery technology, can greatly filter the external digital input jitter secondary PLL

3. Source synchronisation technology and FPGA shaping technology, after the isolation of the I2S signal reshaping, thus eliminating the added chip caused by the jitter

4. The original multi-input channel isolation technology to ensure that each input and output ensure signal purity.

Singxer offers with its SDA-1 a high performance DAC reflected and developed by the brand for more than two years. This is based on a third generation AKM converter, an AK4490. This is accompanied by an excellent USB XMOS Xcore 200 chip, a digital AK4418 interface and a 32bit STM32 microcontroller at the heart of the device to process all the informations.

The AK4490, a powerful and well accompanied DAC

In order to offer an efficient D/A conversion, the SDA-1 is based on an AKM AK4490 DAC. This 32bit converter promises a very low distortion rate and a wide dynamic range for a precise and crisp sound. The chip incorporates a new “OSR Doubler” switched-capacitance filter, enabling it to support many audio signals with very low noise and power consumption. It is thus able to decode files up to 32bit 384kHz via USB and I2S inputs but also native DSD256 and DSD512.

But the AK4490 is also well surrounded since there is a Xilinx FPGA in the device that takes care of the clock system and digital audio signal processing. To lower the jitter of the USB it is no less than 4 independent clocks which intervene. A high-performance hybrid digital-to-analog phase locked loop improves clock synchronization and recovery. In the I2S side is the Xilinx FPGA and the source synchronization technology allows to adjust the isolated signal, eliminating the jitter of the isolation chip.

Complete HiFi-oriented connectivity

The Singxer SDA-1 has a particularly rich and resolutely High Fidelity oriented connectivity. The input includes an XLR connector for AES/EBU, a Coaxial connector and a BNC connector for SPDIF, an HDMI LVDS connector for I2S signals and finally a USB-B connector directly connected to the XMOS Xcore interface. For I2S, the PCM and DSD signals are automatically recognized by the FPGA of the device. In addition, a series of switches under the device allows the different I2S modes to be adapted.

As far as analog outputs are concerned, two choices. One unbalanced output with RCA stereo connectors and one balanced output with XLR 3-pin connectors.

Download measurements PDF file here –Singxer SDA-1 Measurements

Sampling rate PCM USB / I2S : Up to 32bit 384kHz
PCM SPDIF : Up to 24bit 192kHz
DSD Native USB /I2S : Up to DSD512
Impedance SPDIF : 75Ω
AES/EBU : 110Ω
Output level (0dBFS) PCM RCA single-ended output : 2V RMS
PCM XLR balanced output : 4V RMS
DSD RCA single-ended output : 1.34V RMS
DSD XLR balanced output : 2.68V RMS
Output impedance Single-ended RCA : 22Ω
Balanced XLR : 45Ω
Frequency response 20Hz – 20kHz ±0.1dB
SNR 118dB
Distortion PCM : THD+N (1kHz 0dBFS) 0.00042% @ fs = 44.1kHz
DSD128 : THD+N (1kHz 0dBFS) 0.0003%
Dynamic response (1kHz -60dBFS) 118dB
Left / Right channels separation > 120dB
Impedance SPDIF : 75Ω
AES/EBU : 110Ω

Find in the “Download” tab of this page the results of measurements and analyses of the SDA-1.

Digital inputs 1x AES (Female XLR 3 poles)
1x Coaxial SPDIF
1x I2S via HDMI LVDS (SU-1 interface compatible)
1x USB-B
Analog outputs 1x XLR (Male 3 poles)
1x Stereo RCA
Power supply IEC C13
Compatibility Windows 7, 8, 10 (32/64bit) : driver needed
Mac OS 10.6 and later version
Linux with UAC2 compatible kernel
Android 4.2 and later version (OTH device needed)
Dimensions 10.5 x 9.25 x 2.3 (inches)
Weight 2.6kg
Package 1x Singxer SDA-1
1x USB-B to USB-A cable
1x Power supply cable


  • AK4490
  • XLR
  • I2S via HDMI
  • BNC
  • RCA Stereo
  • XLR
  • Black
  • Aluminium
  • 2 channels (Stereo)

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Singxer offers with its SDA-1 a high performance DAC reflected and developed by the brand for more than two years. This is based on a third generation AKM converter, an AK4490. This is accompanied by an excellent USB XMOS Xcore 200 chip, a digital AK4418 interface and a 32bit STM32 microcontroller at the heart of the device to process all the informations.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 14.25 × 12 × 6 in


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