Tellurium Copper / Rhodium Plated Hollow Mass XLR 3pin – Pair of MALE or FEMALE


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KitsuneHiFi offers custom Ordered Carbon Housing. Tellurium Copper Hollow Mass pins that are Rhodium Plated Analog Interconnect XLR Connectors:

This is top line of XLR connector, KitsuneHiFi uses the best connectors for our analog interconnect products. And now we also offer them to our DIY customers at a competitive price.

Features of this rhodium plated XLR connector:

  • Hollowmass design central conductor pin made by rhodium plated tellurium copper.
  • Both male and female are tellurium copper with nickel free rhodium plating. 

         We choose UNS C14500 tellurium copper for central conductor pin, this material have very low resistance and amazing sound characteristics. Hollowmass sharp central pin will get lower noise and open sound. Eliminates Eddy Current. Both features can only seen on only the most expensive RCA/XLR plug products.

UNS C14500 tellurium copper: 99.5% copper, 0.5% Te and 0.008% phosphorus. It have the same conductivity to pure copper, much higher hardness rating and proven oxidation resistance.

  • Great looking carbon fiber external housing.
  • TOP quality sound with hollow mass technology
  • Can fit cable diameter up to 10.5 mm

one pair of XLR 3pin a one piece male and one piece female.

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