About Us

KitsuneHIFI – is here to deliver you the best hand picked audio gear, supplies and components for the Do It Yourselfer kind of person. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers. We want to continuously improve our selection of products and would love to hear any suggestions you have so we can offer more to our customers.

HoloAudio USA – We, KitsuneHifi, are the official source for HoloAudio products in the USA and are very proud to provide you these incredibly unique high performance audio HiFi products. We are known for the world’s first discrete R2R linear compensated DAC. Spring is a NOS dac that also does OS. It supports up to DSD512native and is purely processed by it’s dedicated linear compensated resistor network via HDMI i2s or USB input. Holo Audio / Holo Audio USA has authorized KitsuneHifi to research, develop, brand and market it’s high performance tuned line of products.

Tim Connor has many years of experience in the Audio Industry and is passionate about just enjoying the music. He strives to exceed your expectations by helping you choose the right products that fit best for your needs. Please contact him with any questions you may have. His wife, Dawn Connor, is also very passionate about music, and sang in Choir for many years. She enjoys learning about and working on electronics, (including past experience with guitar equipment) audio grade, and higher specification, wiring and the founder of KitsuneHifi.


We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.


About the name

Inspiration for the name ©KitsunéHiFi and a little history of the origin and reason behind the name. Kitsuné is of Japanese origin, however many cultures have their own version of spirit-like fox creatures.

Kitsuné are kami, or the Japanese spirit like entity of Shinto, they are a vital creative force, unlike western civilizations are not transcended and can often interact with humans. Anything which seemed strikingly impressive, possessed the quality of excellence or inspired a feeling of awe was called kami in ancient times.

The true origin of the word and creature that is kitsuné has many versions. The zenko (善狐 good foxes), also known as Inari foxes or Inari Ōkami 稲荷大神 Oinari, are benevolent, celestial foxes. As opposed to the yako ( 野狐 literally field foxes) also known as nogitsune, are often seen as mischievous or even malicious.

The inspiration of KitsunéHiFi is that of the zenko 善狐, Japanese fox kami, Kitsuné, historically were a symbol of Inari the patron of swordsmiths and merchants. Kitsuné may have the power to produce lightening (or sometimes fire), kitsunébi, from their mouths or tails. The more tails the older, wiser and more powerful. Kitsuné may have started out as a messenger of Inari. Inari is seen as a kami of foxes, of fertility, rice, tea and sake, of agriculture and industry, of general prosperity and worldly success, and one of the principal kami of Shinto. Inari was also the patron of swordsmiths and merchants.

As in many cultures around the world, rice is seen as a staple of life, kitsuné/foxes were originally Inari’s messengers and may possess the ability to generate lightning (electricity) from their mouths or tails.

In the world of audio equipment, wires are the staple of life as they are required to transfer electricity, the more strands the better conductivity and electricity transferred more efficiently. As with a wise kitsuné, the more skilled and knowledgeable the craftsman the better the end result.

At KitsunéHiFi we’re always searching for the mythical creature… the awe inspiring equipment of legends.


The kitsuné logo was inspired by a few things, a bedside lamp with a cute little fox, the fox-spirit from Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) (which Dawn kept calling a kitsuné), and our pup which looks a lot like a little fox and credited in part to the Kitsuné head logo.