KTE SU-2 : Kitsune Tuned Edition – DSD1024 USB Digital Interface Femto second clock Interface – 3.2uV/2.0uV output noise, 125db PSRR

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Current Driver V5.12.00

We are temporarily not accepting orders beyond the limited stock we have right now, through the end if April 2022 as we are doing a remodel in our workshop and the waiting period will be longer than normal. (currently only a handful KTE SU2 are in stock until sold out) Thank you for understanding.

Product Description (KTE SU2):

KTE SU-2 is a Kitsune Tuned Edition of the very popular Singxer SU2 and it includes a total of five regulators (Three discrete regulators(w/heatsinks) and two surface mount regulator upgrades), one for 5v PSU, and the others for the 3.3v for digital outputs and two surface mount regulators for the clocks. Mundorf Supreme 9.5% silver solder used for all components upgrades. OSCON Ultra low ESR caps, MB mods, air dialectric SPC solid core hookup wire, silver HifiTuning fuse, Vishay film caps, Kycon High Retention USB connector to improve connection quality/impedance, graphene enhanced contacts for IEC, Fuse and connections, internal connectors and usb connector. Surface mount regulators are upgraded for the two Femto clocks with better than 6uV output noise. Vishay Film caps used in PSU and ultra high performance discrete regulators for both 5V(PSU) and 3.3V(digital outputs) – 3.2uV output noise or less (lower voltage is less noise… 3.3v is approx 2uV output noise), -125db PSRR (power supply rejection ratio) compared to the stock regulators @ 150uV output noise and -70db PSRR approx.

KTE SU-2 has custom Solid copper emblems. Each unit is individually serialized. Each unit is modded by hand and burned in for 72 hours before returning to the customer.

Feel free to email Tim for any specific questions on this product.

SHIPS FROM USA! Tim Connor does the mods on these KTE editions and they have about a 10 business day build time. They can be special ordered and just expect about 10 days from date of purchase it will ship out, however if any reason we are backed up, i’ll email you right away to let you know status. These are limited run and scheduled for builds. I have only so much time and must control the sales of these items. Thank you for your patience and understanding. These are simply a labor of love! My passion for audio and several customer’s requests have allowed this product to be possible. This actually is one of our best selling products on the website and due to extremely high demand I’ve worked hard to deliver these. I believe you’ll be quite thrilled with the sonic improvements this will bring to your system!



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KTE - SU2 ( Black / Copper )



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A little bit about SingXer:

Sound Electronics Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Shi current office located in a beautiful Panyu District, Guangzhou City. Shi electronic sound team was founded in 2011 , by several team members have many years of experience in the development of audio products, product managers and senior engineers.Since the team was established, within the audio industry to undertake a number of technical development projects, the development team has been the outcome of customer satisfaction and recognition.

Product Description (standard SU2):

The SU-2 digital interface is a high-performance USB digital audio interface. The microprocessor with the latest ARM Cortex-M4 as the core is used as the main control of the USB data part. SU-2 uses a self-developed ultra-low jitter clock system (ACCUSILICON’s AS-318B series, which achieves ultra-low jitter at the femtosecond level). A large-capacity FPGA serves as the digital audio data processing core and has a standard USB2.0 input interface. Rich output interface, including XLR balanced output AES, coaxial RCA and BNC, I2S interface with HDMI socket output (custom 4way I2S circuit that improves sounds quality and reduces jitter), perfect master clock and word clock (WCLK) output. SU-2 supports external 10Mhz clock input, using common 50 ohm input impedance design.

The SU-2 is not only a USB interface, it can also be used as an independent master clock product.

1. When used as an independent master clock, it can output a word clock of 44.1K-384K, or output a master clock of 22.5792Mhz-49.152Mhz. (When not connected to USB, it will be used as the master clock device by default)

2. When using an external 10Mhz clock input, it can also be used as a frequency converter; support 10Mhz to 44.1K-384K word clock, or output 22.5792Mhz-49.152Mhz master clock.

SU-2 is a new architecture USB interface developed by us to replace the original SU-1; PCM sampling rate supports up to PCM 768K, and DSD supports up to DSD1024. Using a large FPGA as the core of the processing processing, we decentralized some of the FPGA algorithm technology of the flagship interface SU-6 to the SU-2; its positioning in the mid-to-high-end interface mainly uses the following three unique technologies:

1. Full isolation technology (ground isolation), using 150Mbps full isolation chip, can completely isolate the interference from the PC;

2. Source synchronization technology and FPGA shaping technology, reshape the I2S signal after isolation; thus eliminating the additive jitter brought by the isolation chip;

3. Self-developed clock system, using ACCUSILICON high-performance crystal oscillator, low phase noise, low jitter; you can also choose external 10Mhz clock, support various atomic clocks, constant temperature crystal, GPDSO input.

This product supports two kinds of AC power voltage, 230V and 115V respectively. Please choose the volts suitable for your country’s voltage.

The driver was updated in June 2019. The latest version is V4.67. The latest driver supports DSD1024 and DSD NATIVE modes.


Technical indicators:
Sampling rates supported by each output interface:
PCM: 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96KHz,
176.4KHz, 192KHz, 352.8KHz, 384KHz, 705.6KHz, 768KHz
[Where I2S out supports all sampling rates, S / PDIF supports up to 384KHz, DOP128]
2.8 MHz (DSD64)-DOP, native
5.6 MHz (DSD128)-DOP, native
11.2 MHz (DSD256)-DOP, native
22.5792 MHz (DSD512)-DOP, native
45.1584 MHz (DSD1024)-native
[Which I2S out supports all DSD formats, S / PDIF and AES / EBU support DSD128 DOP mode]
Bit width: up to 32 bit over I2S output
24 bit over S / PDIF

Electrical standards for each interface:
1. The USB input socket is a standard USB-B female socket, and the USB power supply range is 4.5V-5.1V;
2. The RCA interface outputs standard S/PDIF signals with a level of 550mV (connected to a standard load) and an output impedance of 75 ohms;
3. The power input is 115V / 230V AC, and the internally imported transformer is used for power supply.

1. We attach great importance to the design of power supply circuits, using LDOs with high performance, low noise and fast response as the main power supply. The entire board uses multiple independent LDO power supplies, and the clock part even uses ADI’s ultra-low noise LDO, which lays a solid foundation for ensuring the ultimate output performance. (KTE SU2 has vastly improved discrete voltage regulators)

2. The PCB main board adopts a 4-layer circuit board design to ensure a complete ground plane and power layer. A high-speed digital design method is used to ensure the signal integrity and power integrity of the entire board. The clock signal is specially processed, and the grounded design and precise impedance control are adopted to ensure the clock signal quality and improve its anti-interference ability. The input and output signals follow the standard design, especially the USB high-speed signals use 90 ohm differential impedance control.

System compatibility:
1, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10; 32/64 bit, special drivers need to be installed
2, Native MacOS 10.6 and later, using the system’s own driver
3.Native Linux with UAC2 compliant kernel, using the system’s own driver, (tested on Ubuntu and Daphile systems, based on INTEL X86 platform)
4, Android OS 4.2 and above, the device needs to support the OTG function. Generally speaking, Android 9.0 and above systems are supported by default. It is recommended to use it with specialized players below 9.0.

I2S interface uses HDMI socket output:
1. 3.3V LVDS differential signal; Custom 4 way circuit that improves sound quality and lowers jitter spec.
2. DSD ON signal, 5V power supply (small current), CPLD has been processed inside the MUTE signal, and there is no need to output the MUTE signal;
3. The DSD ON signal can be defined by itself. The DSD ON signal can be arbitrarily output to the PIN 13, 14, 15, 16 pins of the socket.

Flexible I2S and clock output configuration:
1. Switches 1-4 correspond to the PIN13-16 pins of the HDMI socket. Pull to the ON position, it means that the HDMI PIN has the function of DSD_ON.

2. Switches 5 and 6 are the modes that configure the clock output:
When the switch 5 is OFF, the clock outputs MCLK, and when it is ON, the clock outputs WCK.
Switch 6 configures the frequency of MCLK, which is 22.5792M / 24.576M when OFF, and 45.1584M / 49.152M       when ON;
The configuration of switch 6 is valid for CLK OUT, RJ45-I2S, and HDMI-I2S.

3. Switch 7 can set the left and right channels in DSD mode in I2S signal separately.

4. Switch 8 can set the BCLK line sequence in the I2S signal; when OFF, PIN4 is BCLK + and PIN6 is BCLK-;

5. Switch 9 can set the line sequence of LRCLK in I2S signal; when OFF, PIN7 is LRCLK + and PIN9 is LRCLK-;

6. Switch 10 can set the line sequence of DATA in I2S signal; when OFF, PIN1 is DATA + and PIN3 is DATA-;

The SU-2 can be configured via SW switches to suit different I2S standards.
However, as far as we know, HDMI-I2S is different for every manufacturer in the world. For most manufacturers, HDMI-I2S is a proprietary protocol of the manufacturer. Therefore, I’m sorry, SU-2 cannot adapt to all HDMI-I2S machines, so we cannot accept returns due to incompatible I2S interfaces.

Case size and packaging:
Case L*W*H: 234MM * 170MM * 46MM, excluding the height of the feet and the protruding part of the connector on the back of the case.
Stand-alone weight: 1.8KG.
L*W*H of carton package: 350MM * 230MM * 110MM.
Shipping package weight: 2.3KG
Accessories: a USB cable and a power cable. (KTE SU2 model comes with HDMi i2S cable as a gift – Standard SU2 does NOT come with HDMI i2S cable)


Current Driver is v5.12.00 (click here to download)


note: for optimum i2s signal quality. HDMI i2s cable should not be longer than 0.5M maximum.
  KitsuneHiFi has a selection of I2S/HDMI cables available (0.3M to 0.5M only), contact us for more info on cables not found in our store.

Additional information

Weight 3.75 lbs
Dimensions 9.25 × 6.75 × 1.75 in

KTE SU2 ( Black / Copper )

4 reviews for KTE SU-2 : Kitsune Tuned Edition – DSD1024 USB Digital Interface Femto second clock Interface – 3.2uV/2.0uV output noise, 125db PSRR

  1. Bill O. (verified owner)

    I purchased the Kitsune tuned Singxer SU-2 about a month ago. Tim took the time to find the correct I2S switch setting for my DAC. The unit arrived ready for action. The sound was impressive right from the start. It was a nice step up from my unmodified Singxer SU-1. I have made a few additional tweaks since the purchase. First, I put in a .3 meter Wireworld Ultraviolet 7 HDMI cable. This gave a nice but subtle boost to the sound, Just today, I added a HiDiamond P3 power cord to the unit, not knowing what to expect. The happy result is more detail, combined with more musical realism. I highly recommend this unit.

  2. junghoon.jee (verified owner)

    I am currently using HUGO DAVE and using several DDC as well using the ROON Nucleus+ core.

    In nature, USB audio is somewhat dry even though it can deliver the high frequency audio signal.

    The changed AES/EBU, BNC(coxial) audio output using the Kitsune SU2 is really GREAT!

    If you’re not completely satisfied with your current HIFI player, please take a chance to take a look at the
    Kitsune tuned SU2.

    By the help of Kitsune tuned SU2, we can really enjoy the HIFI music with more increased texture and sonic amusement.

    I strongly believe that your choice of Kitsune SU2 is much more smarter than any HIFI USB audio line or player upgrade.

    -Junghoon (using nickname Cool Shot ^^)

  3. Daiketsu


    私は日本に住んでいるので、Tim Connor氏に海外発送をしてくださるか質問したところ、快く、そして迅速に対応していただきました。

    KTE SU-2の音は、ノイズのない最高の音です。非常に満足しています。

  4. Dan Jackson (verified owner)

    When viewing a recent video review of DDC’s from a respected YouTuber, I noticed on his test bench a May KTE and KTE SU-2. After further research on his website and yours, I decided to spring, no pun intended, for the KTE SU-2. In 50 years plus as an audiophile and lover of all genre of music, I do not recall such positive results from a single purchase. My aging TEAC UD-501 DAC is transformed.

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