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download both firmwares and software for firmware installation and step by step instructions to change (only difference of firmware is swapping dsd channels Left to Right or Right to Left) click Singxer English FIRMWARE 2.00 and 2.02 Kitsune

NEW 2018 firmware (2.22 and 2.20) for DSD512 native is standard. This will support the newest OS for Sonore Urendu @ full dsd512 native! ( not avail, late models don’t use firmware anymore)

1.only for Singxer SU-1,support DSD512 in native.
2.Do not upgrade any other XMOS device,including SINGXER other XMOS device.
3.V2.20 update for V2.00; (for holo audio, Audio-GD, L.K.S.)
V2.22 update for V2.02. (for PSAUDIO, Gustard, )
This will allow DSD512 only with some versions of linux, or newest OS on the Sonore Microrendu
and with Windows and HoloAudio Spring signed drivers installed. NOT singxer drivers (these only support DSD256 over DOP)

Singxer logo

We now have a working relationship with SingXer ( from Guangzhou China. We will be carrying several of their products to offer as a local distributor in the USA. Curently we are choosing to offer the Singxer SU-1 and the F1 usb module.  We feel these are the best USB options on the market today and proudly will offer these to you at competitive pricing!

A little bit about SingXer:

Sound Electronics Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Shi current office located in a beautiful Panyu District, Guangzhou City. Shi electronic sound team was founded in 2011 , by several team members have many years of experience in the development of audio products, product managers and senior engineers.Since the team was established, within the audio industry to undertake a number of technical development projects, the development team has been the outcome of customer satisfaction and recognition.

The company develops high-performance audio products, audio products can undertake OEM, ODM projects. We have a strong development capability in terms of XMOS Audio, pioneered the development of the second generation XMOS xCORE-200 series processors, XMOS Audio optimized many of the underlying firmware. Meanwhile, in the above hardware architecture, there are some technical points independent development. Including the independent development of the system clock, independent development of digital phase-locked loop technology “SHDPLL”, I2S shaping, full isolation technology and so on.

and info on the products we carry from Singxer.


SingXer F1



Product Details

 SU-1 digital interface is Singxer team developed a high-performance USB digital audio interface, using the latest XMOS family and Xilinx high-performance CPLD / FPGA chip. SU-1 is the rare use femtosecond system clock digital interface, two CRYSTEK CCHD-575 (lowest jitter crystek crystal) is the ultimate output audio signal quality has laid a solid foundation. SU-1 digital input interface using a standard USB2.0 interface. SU-1 has a wealth of output interfaces, including coaxial RCA and BNC output S / PDIF, XLR balanced outputs AES / EBU, HDMI output IIS (including DSD ON and MUTE signals) and BNC WCLK word clock output.

SU-1 is the first machine we have developed equipment that is positioned in the high-end interface, is used mainly in the following three main technologies:

1, full isolation technology (ground isolation), the use of 150Mbps full-chip isolation, interference can be completely isolated from the PC;

2, source synchronous shaping technology and CPLD technology, I2S signal isolation after the re-shaping; thus eliminating the isolation chip to bring added jitter;

3, the independent development of the system clock, using CRYSTEK high-performance oscillator, low phase noise and low jitter.


1, SU-1 is the first using the XMOS latest xCORE-200 series of high-end USB digital interface products. New generation XMOS chip, using more advanced process technology, performance than the older U8 chip doubled, reaching 1000MIPS processing capabilities.

2 , it is known, the weight of the core is digital audio algorithms. Our team in the field of digital audio work for many years, at the same time get XMOS FAE support team, we conducted a number of technical improvements and optimization algorithms on the basis of the original firmware.


Each output interface supports sample rates:

PCM: 44.1KHz,48KHz,88.2KHz,96KHz,

176.4kHz, 192KHz, 352.8KHz, 384kHz

[ Wherein I2S out support full sample rate , S / PDIF supports up to 192KHz]

DSD: 2.8 MHz (DSD64)   –  DoP,native

5.6 MHz (DSD128)  –  DoP,native

11.2 MHz (DSD256) –  DoP,native

[ Wherein I2S out support all DSD format , S / PDIF and AES / EBU support DSD64 DOP mode ]

位宽:最高32 bit over I2S output

最高24 bit over S/PDIF

Each interface electrical standards:

1 , the USB input socket is a standard USB-B type female, the USB power supply range 4.5V-5.1V ;

2 , the RCA connector outputs standard S / PDIF signal level is 550mV ( access standard load ), the output impedance of 75 ohms;

3, the power input is 110/220V AC, internal use RS importing adapter for power.

Design details:

1 , carry out electricity as the mother of the acoustic design concept, pay attention to the power supply circuit design, high-performance, low noise and fast response of the LDO as the main power source. The entire board using multiple independent path LDO power supply, wherein the clock even partially adopted ADI ‘s ultra low noise LDO , in order to ensure the ultimate output performance laid a solid foundation.

2 , the PCB motherboard with 4 -layer circuit board design, ensure that you have full power and ground plane layer, using the method of high-speed digital design, signal integrity and power integrity of the entire board. The clock signal for special treatment, using package design and precise impedance control, thereby ensuring the signal quality and increase the clock anti-jamming capability. Input and output signals follow a standard design, especially USB high speed signals using a 90 ohm differential impedance control.

System Compatibility:

1, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8; 32/64 bit, you need to install special drivers

2, Native MacOS 10.6 and later, using the system comes with drivers

3, Native Linux with UAC2 compliant kernel, using the system comes with drivers

4, Android OS 4.2 and above, the need to support OTG function.

I2S interface with HDMI output socket:

1. The level of 3.3V for the LVDS differential signals;

2. The output signal is muted, DSD ON signal, 5V power supply (low current);

3. The output signal mute, DSD ON signal can be modified according to customer needs, internal CPLD can define different output pins; the two signals can be output to any socket PIN13,14,15,16 pins.

 SU-1 HDMI i2s




(Win7/8/10 32/64bit, MAC 10.6+ not required, Android 4.2+ support OTG)

later 2018 revisions have configuration below:

Please pay attention to the i2S config of the following devices.

earlier pre 2018 revision configuration below:


psaudio i2s



gustard i2s



audio-gd i2s



l-k-s- i2s


5.Holo Audio

holoaudio i2s

The following are the two firmware’s that are basically the same except reversing DSD channels for proper playback. CHOOSE accordingly to your DAC!!!


Additional information

Weight 3.75 lbs
Dimensions 9.25 × 6.75 × 1.75 in


4 reviews for Singxer SU-1 : BLACK -USB Digital to Digital Converter XMOS XU208 CCHD575 CPLD DSD256 DOP – FREE SHIPPING WITH COUPON CODE : SINGXER

  1. Luckbad

    Absolutely outstanding. This is the best bang-for-the-buck USB -> S/PDIF converter I’ve ever had the pleasure to use, and I’ve tried many. After owning many other units, including some that cost more than twice as much, I settled on this unit as the ideal DDC for work.

    I did a multi-way battle here:

  2. jamiehayne (verified owner)

    I’m really enjoying the SU-1. It has brought real improvements to my system. A note to anyone using Audirvana Plus: take care when setting up the “preferences” setting. I initially got distortion, but the fix was simple–I’d neglected to change (or limit) the Audirvana sample rate to 192khz in “preferences”. The default was the Singxer SU-1 high rate of 768khz, and this caused the ringing and distortion. Setting it back to 192khz (using a PS Audio Directstream) cleared it.

    Secondly, thanks to Tim for hisadvice regarding the Wireworld HDMI cables. I’d expected the UV purple to sound great, and it does, but the improvement to my turntable brought by the “lesser” grey Wireworld HDMI on my PS Audio phono pre to the DAC is nothing short of astonishing. Just wow.

    I’ll definitely do business here in the future.

    Jamie Haynes
    New London, CT

  3. samjesberg (verified owner)

    SU-1 is the real deal.
    I’m blown away at the performance increase with my Yggdrasil and Master 7 DACs.

    Yggdrasil I’m using the AES/EBU output for best results.

    Master 7 I’m using I2S output with PLLEN pin shorted on M7 (bypassing on-board reclock)

  4. Scott (verified owner)

    Excellent performance for the price. For a few years I have been using a modified Gustard U12 with Crystek XOs driven my AGD Master 7 DAC HDMI I2S input. The U12 was OK and got me by. But swapping in the Singxer SU-1 I noticed an immediate difference for the better. First thing that strikes me is more low-level resolution, less vocal grain, and better soundstage. With the Master 7 DAC these improvements are all hallmarks of lower jitter on the input source. Tim claims even better performance after run-in but can easily notice a difference out of the box. Very pleased!

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