HoloAudio USB Module (XU208 XMOS) for Spring Dac


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Jeff Zhu, engineer at HoloAudio, recently updated the Spring Dac with the new USB module that uses the newest chipset from XMOS. the XU208! This is a very popular item right now and we are stocking a limited amount of these. Spring dac’s that were shipped around Feb of 2018 and on were shipped with this module, and before this date would have had the XMOS U8 chipset. 
This USB module supports the same input and output specs as the previous but with improved sound quality due to the newer XMOS chipset.
more information from XMOS website here :  http://www.xmos.com/products/silicon/xcore-200/xu-series
Multicore Microcontroller with Advanced Multi-Core RISC Architecture
• Eight real-time logical cores
• Up to 1000 MIPS
This module also has an improved clock as well as a few other minor improvements to the implementation. Customers have been thrilled with this usb module and will find it to deliver excellent sound quality.

note: all xu208 modules will ship with 21.16 firmware for spring v1 dac L1/L2/KTE.
Click HERE for instructions on how to open the Spring Dac chassis properly with photos and step by step of which screws to remove and which ones to not remove ?
Click HERE for newest v5.00 spring driver, MultiDFU tools and newest firmware for Springv1 xu208 module.
another option is direct 30.12 to 21.16 and a pack for download is available now. And should work for most users who just purchased a module.
spring_2116_upgrade – this file includes proper DFU file and current 2116 firmware. If this does not work for you, follow the instructions above. possibly 4.35 DFU may be needed. Any questions, please contact us! we are happy to help

**** This is not intended for anyone to install. Please be sure a professional installs this module. Usually your local audio shop or or repair shop would easily be able to install this module. It’s about 15 minutes of labor and considered very basic. NO SOLDERING required. only basic knowledge of disassembly. Visual instructions are available in the above link and the most important part is being gentle with the display ribbon cable during the chassis being opened up.  Contact us with the “chat” feature in the bottom right of the screen to leave us a message with any questions, we will reach out to you ASAP.

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Dimensions 3 × 4 × 1 in


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