Singxer SU-1 DC power conversion kit – KitsuneHiFi ( 2.1mmx5.5mm ) FREE usps priority shipping




Here it is! a kit for those who are into the DIY modding of their Singxer SU-1. Please note that once you install this kit, it voids your factory warranty. There is potential that damage could occur to the SU-1 PCB if improper voltage is used with the board or even spike voltage from improper PSU.   Please be sure your PSU is compatible. the Singxer SU1 requires 5V of DC power.

This kit will directly replace the IEC plug on the back of the SU1. Removal is simple and requires simple torx bit tools and a little patience.

Removal of the original PSU is not required but can be done to make more space and only is four screws on the underside of the chassis.


Please take note this kit includes button head short screws that need to be used instead of the standard extra long M3 screws that are used for the IEC mains plug.  PLEASE DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN SCREWS! you can easily strip the threading of the chassis if you do this, then will require a backside nut and loctite to secure it. Please just avoid overtightening the screws.











There are a few options for this kit. One is the basic kit which includes a pre installed harness to a 2.1mm x 5.5mm dc inlet. This is notched and perfectly fit to a high grade stainless steel plate. PROPER shorter button head screws are included for a neat and clean install.







Aesthetic upgrades that add the KitsuneHiFi logo, or Kitsune Fox logo in stainless steel or copper are available at a small fee. These can be in stainless steel or copper and are 3D etched for a very cool appearance. The additional cost of 3 dollars will get you a pre installed logo design of  your choice.





The optional emblem kits are 31.99usd each and include free USPS priority shipping. USA ONLY, NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for this item.



copper or stainless is an option for small or medium fox head or KitsuneHiFi logo.









The basic kit is 28.99 and includes free USPS priority shipping USA ONLY!!! including free USPS shipping. Please email if you would like to order kit that requires soldering. This will not ship international by itself. However I will ship this as an ADD ON item to other products purchased in our store.


Additional information

Logo type

None, small SS fox, small copper fox, medium SS fox, medium copper fox, KitsuneHiFi SS, KitsuneHiFi Copper

SU1 DC Kit - Pre-Assembled

SU1 DC Kit (NO soldering) – Pre-Assembled


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