KTE (KitsuneCables) Interconnects – XLR or RCA Hybrid True Litz cable (0.5M – 2.0M)

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KTE XLR or RCA OCC Hybrid True Litz Interconnects

We have our new line of KTE interconnect cables.
These are ultra high end with our custom and exclusive cable sourced from the best cable manufacturer in the world. our source actually supplies some of the top and most well known cable manufacturers. After careful R&D we have developed an incredible performance hybrid occ litz cable that is specifically made for us and to our exact specification. The rolls of wire are extremely expensive well made with the finest metallurgy available. We are truly proud of the results we have come up with and after testing against many cables that are 3-5 times the price, we can say our cables truly hold their own and beat the majority of the competition. we do not spend money on marketing or fancy packaging. This allows us to deliver a zero compromise interconnect cable to our customers without paying ultra expensive pricing. These are NOT machine made cables so labor is intensive as each cable is painstakingly crafted to high standards of KitsuneHiFi. we bring you an end game cable at attainable pricing.
For those who want to know specifics…
The specifications of these cables we’d like to share with you:
105 total counted strands (Total of 420strands per pair of interconnects. Or 220 strands per channel!)!! 15 bundles bundles
42awg per strand
7 bundles of OCC silver true litz
8 bundles of OCC copper true litz
cotton serve, teflon inner sleeve, carbon infused pvc core, carbon infused outer pvc jacket

ultra fine litz, 7 strands per bundle. And full wire is 22awg.

Litz wire is known to have the least distortion and lowest eddy current or least time phase distortion which allows for the most detail possible.
The xlr interconnects are triple shielded with teflon, mylar and also copper braided shield and finished in a beautiful cotton braided sleeve patterned with our signature edition KTE color scheme of noir and chocolate along with copper foil accented logos.. The XLR connectors are the best available with hollow mass technology pins (very low eddy current) made of pure tellurium copper and fine pure rhodium plating. The barrels are carbon fiber. The RCA are also copper with rhodium plating with carbon fiber barrels, the very best. All soldering is done with professional Metcal or Hakko gear, and only the finest Mundorf Supreme 9.5%silver solder. We take pride in our craftsmanship and our build quality exceeds industry standards.
Our Interconnects are available in these lengths: 0.5M, 0.75M , 1M and 1.5M and 2M
And standard prices are:

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0.5M = $548
0.75M = $598
1.0M = $648
1.5M = $728
2.0M = $798

Our new KTE XLR interconnects or RCA interconnects are absolutely premium grade in every way. We are proud to offer these summit fi grade cables that we are confident in saying it will match of beat the best of cables on the market today.

Signature Edition (SE) is our Brown/Black Sleeve with cold press foil copper emblems (right channel has red metallic cold press foil KTE fox head logo on the sleeve,)
Standard Grey is our Light Grey/Medium Grey Sleeve with Silver cold press foil emblems. (right channel has red metallic logo on the sleeve)




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SE (Signature Edition, Standard Grey


0.5M, 0.75M, 1.0M, 1.5M, 2.0M

1 review for KTE (KitsuneCables) Interconnects – XLR or RCA Hybrid True Litz cable (0.5M – 2.0M)

  1. david.furry (verified owner)

    I’ve installed a 1.5M and a 2M pair of these cables. They replaced reputable cables and they still made a significant difference. They provided a balanced, full and detailed sound while increasing and already large/deep sound stage. There’s no harshness or brightness …. yep I’m back for a 3rd 1M set!

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