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KTE Bliss Headphone Amplifier
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Standard Bliss Headphone Amplifier


-Bliss Headphone Amp 

The HoloAudio Bliss is here! This has taken a long time and tremendous R&D to deliver a head-amp that does everything well.  Enough power for any headphone!  And delivering our intoxicating sound signature that HoloAudio is known for.

Current production time is estimated for about 5+ weeks from time you place your order. We appreciate your patience and understanding. We try to deliver before this time, but this is an estimate for new orders. Inventory shown on the website is to control sales volume only.


Here at Kitsune HiFi, we have two versions of the Bliss Headphone Amp. Below are the two levels, and KTE being our Flagship model with all options:

Prices are as follows for May lineup:

Standard Bliss = $2998.00 + S&H 

KTE Bliss = $3398.00 + S&H 


Some noted features:

Coming soon… More info.

General info:  (will be updated soon)

Dimensions of chassis : 430 mm (W) * 300 mm (L) * 55 mm (H) additional 12 mm for machined feet (for each part, two of these chassis stacked on each other)


Power Consumption:

Accessories included: power cord (NorthAmerica ONLY), remote control

WARRANTY – 3 years warranty, both parts and labor, cover one way shipping (return shipping once product is confirmed a warranty claim). Be sure to buy directly from HoloAudio or authorized reseller and we recommend to buy from HoloAudioUSA<– this is KitsuneHiFi 😉 – Support is given from the source you choose to purchase from.

This is special order item (will show “in stock” if able to order, this means we have the parts available for this Amp and the order can be placed), with a typical 5.5+ weeks (estimated) delivery time to USA customers.  However orders placed after Jan 1st (every year) may be delayed due to Chinese new year and add an additional 2weeks. This is out of our control.

Other voltage options than 110V (ie: 220/230/240V) may delay order an additional week. We will give you current estimate upon receipt of payment if it is different than the quoted 5.5+week estimate, and can be cancelled if you choose not to accept the terms to wait for the production/shipping times. After you accept the terms, I will place the order with HoloAudio directly, as the order is considered a special order item there will be no cancellations or refunds if 48hours past date order was placed. The product is guaranteed not to be DOA and has multiple levels of quality control testing before it’s shipped out to you. We are confident you’ll be happy with your purchase.

NON USA/CAN customers please contact us for quote on shipping costs. Please include your full shipping address and phone number along with voltage requirements when requesting to order this AMP. The same terms apply and estimated production times quoted above. HoloAudio products are assembled in China and shipped out from HK. 


Shipping estimate varies, it’s best to email us for a current quote. (items in stock are NOT ready to ship, this means we have enough components on hand to build them. We are working our best to keep up with demands. You will get estimated time for production and shipping with your order. (Average is 5+weeks production and 4-6days shipping)

To place an international order with us, USE our contact form… and then please provide the following information: Full Name, Phone Number, Shipping Address, Email Address to send Paypal Invoice to, and detailed list of products you would like to order and voltage requirement if applicable.

(We ship to most items to areas in the world except HoloAudio products we do not ship to EUROPE/UK/MIDDLEEAST/RUSSIA/AFRICA/INDIA/SA etc etc… Primarily we ship to NA and JAPAN but you can inquire if you do not have a dealer near you. (Below is a list of our dealers, please contact them if you are in the country they are located in)

if you are in Europe/UK and potential other areas nearby, please contact our European Authorized HoloAudio Dealer for the best service and support in your area, Magnahifi.com

If you are in South Korea, please contact our dealer in South Korea – SonorisAudio 

If you are in India , please contact Vividhifi, your source for HoloAudio in India.

If you are in Australia, please contact IndiHifi.com.au, your source for HoloAudio in Australia

“NOTE: Be sure to say in notes what volt ac model you need, USA/CAN is 110 volt ac standard etc.  – Also note if you ask for special voltage transformer that it can delay your order up to a week longer.”


The following is added to KTE BLISS:

1. 100VA DUAL O-type(not Toroid) FLATWIRE (NOT roundwire) 6N Copper custom hand made audio transformers. Only KTE Model
2. All copper wire is replaced with 1.5mm pure occ silver wire. Only KTE model
3. Replaced IEC inlet connectors with pure silver/rhodium plated faston connectors at the IEC inlet. Only KTE model.
4. Fuse is upgraded with world class Red Nano fuse with gold/silver and graphene and quartz filtering materials. Only KTE Model
5. Standard caps are upgraded with Audio Note Kasei capacitors. Only KTE Model
6. Custom made HoloAudio 1000V 1uF caps / Mundorf evo silver/gold caps (both are standard in all models of bliss)
7. Special Kitsune Tuned Edition branding inside and out (pure copper Kitsune fox emblem on top panel) + remote control / KitsuneHiFi VIP service, english support and manuals/software

Info on Red Nano Fuse type used:

Single crystal nano fuse
Specification: 5X20mm @2A(220v) or 4A(110v)
Withstand voltage: 250V (T) slow speed
Features: This product has a complicated process, special materials can not be mass produced so this fuse is 100% pure handmade!
This fuse cost is high due to the materials and labor. The structure is crimped, the contacts are firm and reliable, plated 24K gold, non-chemical process  gold plating. The fuse is made of imported single crystal silver-copper alloy. After nano-processing, note that the fuse is directional after nano-processing. The inner filling of the quartz sand is filled with nano-graphite, and the graphite has ultra-high conductivity and high anti-interference characteristics. The sound is beautiful, soothing and layering is superb. This is the fuse we use in our flagship products.
The fuse is filled with 2 grades of quartz sand for good shock absorption and arc prevention/elimination. In the middle is graphene, which has the advantages of ultra-high conductivity and anti-interference. The fuse is a single crystal silver-copper alloy containing 10% precious metal, treated with nanographene, and stranded with single crystal silver.
The fuse cap is stamped from 99.99% 4N copper, one end is plated with 24K gold and one end is plated with sterling silver. Increasing the conductivity and the speed of the power supply make the fuse and the socket highly accessible.
The fuse is firmly pressed with two caps made of 4N copper. This process protects the fuse in the middle of the fuse. The fuse and the cap are in good contact with the ceramic tube. This process will reduce the oscillation of current passing.
The ceramic tube has anti-resonance and eliminates the effect of the microphone sound.
The fuse is made of a single crystal silver-copper alloy, and a very fine single crystal silver wire is wound to correct the sound.
Tip: Input in different directions, the tone is different. You can try different directions

Fuse Type for Standard Bliss :

Shurter Gold fuse type

2A SB 5x20mm (220v) and 4A SB 5x20mm (110V)



Tim & Dawn Connor – HoloAudioUSA and KitsuneHiFi

We operate under strict business ethics and principle values. Our company motto we are always proud to mention to our customers, “Time will tell…” and this means that our products will earn the respect in a matter of time once people get their chance to test it themselves. Many companies need fancy buzz words and marketing to sell their products, we truly only need our customers to try our products and share their experience with others. Word of mouth is how our business thrives and we have many happy customers! We encourage others to try all the competition in the market and directly compare and see what type of value you are receiving. We are confident in our products and know that in time, our products will sell themselves once people get a chance to try them.  We offer tremendous value and quality without sacrificing on performance.


Jeff Zhu – HoloAudio  – founder/engineer

Jeff Zhu is the man behind this engineering achievement. Below are some comments that have been shared by Jeff to better explain this DAC in his own words.  HoloAudio is founded by Jeff Zhu and the USA division was a partnership formed with Tim Connor and his wife, Dawn Connor.

Comments coming soon from Jeff about the Bliss headphone Amp.

Our products are CE Certified for the European Market


Additional information

Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 16.93 × 11.81 × 6 in

KTE Bliss, Standard Bliss

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