Audio Magic Ultimate Premier Beeswax SHD Fuse – NEWEST VERSION (top tier)


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NEW! The Ultimate Premiere Beeswax SHD Fuse – Super High Definition!

Introducing Audio Magic’s new Ultimate Premier SHD Beeswax Fuse. We didn’t think it could be any better but the new “Ultimate Premier” is world class and then some! Now, instead of the push-pull I-Core design, a Full Wave I-Core technology is used which is more powerful. Audio Magic uses new, improved internal Black Out and SHD fills for better noise reduction. A new and improved Nano Streaming process was introduced as well.

What does this all mean?
Better detail, transparency, dynamics, wider and deeper sound staging, micro detail, layering, and talk about musical, wow.

The new Ultimate Premier is extremely difficult to build considering Audio Magic is drilling into both sides of the fuse now, sometimes it takes up to 3 tries to get one good fuse – lots of labor involved. This fuse will give you tighter bass and yet sound relaxed – very natural sounding. The sound stage will become bigger and deeper, more detailed, better layering, better micro detail but with a relaxed musical presentation. This is not a subtle upgrade from the Ultimate Beeswax SHD fuse which will stay in the line up. For people that have to have the best this is it! Global retail price is $240.00 each.

Ultimate Premier Beeswax fuses are made-to-order. Factory lead-time is 7-10 days.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK (for the old Ultimate Beeswax):

“…I bought two, one for my Signal Completion unit, and one for my modded tube amp. They are both broken in. I was very surprised, listening to Viva Las Vegas from the RCA album box set, Elvis Presley’s voice opened up about 40% more. The sound stage is a couple feet bigger, and it actually sounds like he is in the room, and that’s not even my best sounding cd. I can hear things I have never heard before. Details that were barely noticeable are easy to hear. The music is warmer and more natural sounding. I imagine the better your system is, the bigger improvement you will get…”

“…I rolled the dice with this fuse. I have 6 SR Blues throughout my system. I needed another fuse for an 845 tube amp I acquired . I ordered the fuse It took about the 7 days to get here as suggested . The Blues at first can sound a bit hot but not theses guys. Vocals just came together in a way I have not heard in my system. Texture, dynamics, bass slam and authority all there and a since of flow. Music just pours into the room. I may buy another to swap out the blue in my phonostage. It says 125 hr breaking but out of the box it’s pretty special…”

“…I bought this fuse for the external power supply of my Naim DAC. Once again, it just works beautifully after about two weeks of break-in time. My almost vintage DAC is now sounding at its best ever level. The sound is so sweet, timbre so real. Wonderful listening sessions. I do not feel the need to replace it. Need I say more…”


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