Kitsune HiFi – 800W OCC silver O-type isolation transformer – ULTIMATE PURE POWER


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This is one of the best solutions for excellent power conditioning for your gear. These are top grade silver label o type transformers.

two duplex. top grade choices installed

Mundorf Silver Oil Caps .47uF can be installed for 60USD each. note: this model shown has been sold, however pricing is similar to this, and best to email us first to discuss specifications.

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Kitsune’s own
Real OCC silver O Type 800W power supply isolation transformer
O-core transformer using the new Japanese steel 0.27 thick with the entire high-precision CNC machine tools around the system, the secondary annealing temperature, vacuum impregnation, primary and secondary entire staff around the system, used in Taiwan Teflon sheath OCC plated silver wire, insulation and high temperature capability is excellent, with a little soft skin, the more the vibration is a big advantage, at full load it is not inefficient. middle shield is covered with high-quality 200% pure copper foil, isolated disturbances. Over the years I have made transformer with all the praise at home, we know that such a transformer both the quality and sound are no problems.
O-type transformers reason is that it uses a magnetic circuit the shortest fastest IF higher density than the ring transformer transformer in all different structures among the transparent space-frequency, low-energy high-handed, it is a Hi-end level of sound. Do not like the isolation transformer EI type appears to slow down is like, then it shall drawback is easy to magnetic saturation, but to balance the advantages and disadvantages, there is generally used when magnetic saturation rate is very low, accounting for less time I personally idea should not sacrifice quality to avoid the slightest regret, can enjoy the wonderful music for a long time is more important, otherwise the investment becomes meaningless.
Isolation transformer primary and secondary specifications can be customized, such as primary can be 100V, 110V, 115V, 220V, 230V, 240V input and output can also be customized as required, using the German brand WAGO internal jumpers to pieces, only a plug supporting the word gong wire cutter, switch system made in Japan NIPPON dual air switch, both to avoid causing electric box home when the trip switch, but also save insurance  fuses, safety  whole on the other hand. AC inlet tube of pure carbon fiber shield, try to make the minimum internal cross-interference, IEC power socket using the tail Furukawa latest Rhodium Model FI-06R, margin bit socket using American Masters Accor rhodium plated socket, durable.
This isolation transformer is the simplest and most practical for the direction of simple materials, the effect is more simple, so there is only one American outlet margin bit, my personal philosophy all to play Hi-Fi power first, an isolation transformer is best only for a machine used only focus to reach the summit.
Model shown is configured for our most common in the USA> 110/115/120  outputs. and with 4 outlets. Can choose from base HIFI duplex, or choose SR UEF black Duplex, or even the new Furutech GTX-D NCF!  All duplex’s are additional charge and can be ordered with a discount applied.
These are great to really get the most out of your audio gear. Also prevents pops and clicks from other devices on the same circuit. This will truly give you some excellent power quality for your gear. ONLY the best. KitsuneHiFi brings you the Silver O Type Isolation Transformer!
Dimensions: width 220 height 100 depth 311mm
Weight: about 8 kg
This model show in photos includes the following spec (upgraded).
800watt isolation Silver label Otype Transformer (ultra low noise for audio purpose! this is like having a private circuit for your audio gear.)
Furutech GTX-D NCF Duplex
Rhodium Audio Grade Duplex
Mundorf SIlver Oil Cap
Quad Cap Rectifier circuit
Carbon Fiber shielding tube for wiring
2mm Solid core 4N silver wiring
Furutech NCF IEC power inlet plug
HD breaker cryo’d  – no fuse = no bottlenecks
choice of 110/115/120V internal wiring.
as configured this is around 1300usd configuration – ON SALE discount now.

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Dimensions 26 × 20 × 18 in


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