Kitsune HiFi – Sealed / Shielded transfomer – O type blue label – 54VA


54VA Shielded 1.5mm steel enclosed hand wound transformer – occ silver plated secondary, occ copper primary

These are custom order only – about a 3week delivery time

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Sealed/shielded transformers are for special applications. We use 1.5mm thick steel enclosure casings that are brushed finished and then filled with an epoxy resin. These are a fine quality transformer that are completely custom made to order. PLEASE enquire about pricing based on your special requirements. Generally these can be 3week special order items. Well worth the wait for your special project that demands the best audio transformer.

This is right before the process of filling it with an epoxy resin.
This is the finished product with epoxy resin fully cured
our branding stickers
each transformer has their specs clearly labeled
transformers are carefully packed for their journey




Here is an example of the transformers being hand wound with impeccable attention to detail. This is a key reason these transformers are better than most, which are often machine wound like from the machine below. We choose not to offer many of the machine would transformers.



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