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Dec15th 2019- Washington DC area HeadFi meet – our KTE Spring2 will be there with

link above to forum with more info – Visit Will @ Linear Tube Audio while you are there! our dac will be with them for demo.

Come join the Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia headphone enthusiasts for an awesome pre-holiday meet! Come enjoy that piece of gear that you can buy yourself in the coming holiday season!

Previously, we usually leveraged some free venues (usually libraries), but this time around, we’ll be doing things a bit different. A local head-fier, @blacktone , has offered us an amazing space for our listening pleasure.


6363 Walker Lane STE 300
Alexandria, VA 22310
Part of Metro Park
MetroPark.png (shows the road for dropoff, entrance to bldg, & garage)
Just a short distance from the Franconia-Springfield Metro (~15 min walk or 4 min Uber) and equally short distance from the beltway!

We’ll have access to a fantastic space (see attached), complete with multiple conferences rooms that we’ll have set up for quiet listening, internet (that will work better than the library), and plenty of outlets (outlets still need power strips!). Again, thx to @blacktone for setting this up. There’s also a parking garage! The building does have locked access, but prior to the meet, a group of us will work on a proper system to get people inside post haste!

Sunday, December 15th
9:30AM – 6:30PM

Some of us will probably grab some food after if that is of interest and as always, feel free to show up when able!

Let us know if you will be attending and what you will bring! Nevertheless, always feel free to come as you are and try what there is to offer! We’re always happy to meet new enthusiasts! (and don’t forget power strips for your gear!)

Also, we’ll be trying something new at this meet. At previous events, we’ve heard interest in having more in-depth setups that will allow attendees to test different parts of an audio chain. With the help of some members, we will be doing exactly that! (Level matched of course…to the best of our ability. I think someone has a SPL meter >.>)
Right now, the plan is to have 2 such setups:
DAC comparison setup – feeds multiple dacs via 1 source, these will all output to the same amplifier
Amp comparison setup – 1 DAC feeds multiple amps at varying price points, feed into a switchbox and into your headphones!