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NEW Products coming soon! and new updates! – KTE SU1 DDR, KTE-UIP-1, Singxer UIP-1 and KTE Dual Rail Triple Parallel LT3045 PSU, KTE Dual Rail Quadruple Parallel LT3042 PSU


KTE PSU – Triple Parallelled LT3045 – Dual Rail 

Here is a sneak peak on a DIY product we will have in our store soon. This is dual rail or two power output PSU. Based on the LT3045, however we are using three LT3045’s in parallel which further reduce noise by several multiples. This will be an extremely low noise compared to standard LT3045 PSU’s you’ll find elsewhere. Also the components used in this build are all top notch therefore will be based more on performance than with budget in mind.

We will offer DIY versions where you will be able to buy just the PCB as is and you build entirely yourself. We will include a complete BOM (bill of materials) that can be ordered from digikey or your favorite parts supplier. You should have basic electrical knowledge to complete this project and moderate to skillful soldering experience.

We also will over partially complete versions that will have just the LT3045’s installed to the PCB. Since these boards are not for anyone who isn’t very comfortable with soldering difficult small pitch SMD components.

Lastly, we we are considering offering complete PSU’s ready to go and voltage set. These will just require you to choose a transformer and hook it up yourself. We would recommend a quality O-Type transformer or R-core. Or a Talema if you’re on a budget.  These complete boards won’t be cheap so we are still deciding if we may offer them.

Each Rail is capable of 1.5A output and can be adjusted from 0-15V

Pricing is still being determined for .  but the base pcb with no components will start at 24.99











 KTE PSU – Quadrupled Parallelled LT3042 – Dual Rail

This is another DIY product we plan to bring to our store in the near future. This is another DUAL rail PSU in a subcompact and super performance package! This is quad parallel LT3042 and easily <0.4uV output noise and approx 1A per rail.

These boards will be similar pricing as the LT3045 PSU’s. We would like to hear from our customers if you’re intersted in these DIY PCB’s. We will have many more DIY PCB projects coming in the near future.

These boards are designed for maximum performance with excellent quality components in the BOM. Components can be easily purchased through Digikey and Mouser etc.










NEW Product – Singxer UIP-1 USB Isolation Processor  (email us if you’d like to order one of these!)








Singxer has brought  us the wonderful SU1 that everyone has a high regard for and respects for being one of the best products on the market of it’s type. Now they have released a USB isolation product that is targeted for affordability and performance in one. It’s truly the most affordable of its kind when it’s priced at only $260!!! Other products on the market of this type are all over $300usd!

The UIP-1 has the Sillana chipset which some of the other products on the market have this isolation chipset.


Full compliance with USB2.0 compliant,supports hot-plug,while supporting USB1.0 and USB1.1, Plug and play

Transparent to host and device: wide compatibility to all operating systems, embedded systems and devices

Works out of the box, no drivers needed.

Advanced USB input port ESD protection up to 15,000 volts IEC air-gap discharge.

Connectors: host-side USB-B; device-side USB-A

Powered by DC input 2.1mm/5.5mm -requires 5V power supply or included DC cable to type A USB connector (powered from usb port).

USB 2.0 high speed isolator, the support rate of up to 480Mbps, the isolation voltage up to 4kv RMS.

This product has true total isolation that includes USB power and ground circuits. Isolating front-end complex noise and electromagnetic interference.

Isolating USB signal after signal reforming into the USB controller chip, effectively removing a significant amount of jitter using local quality clock output after the restructuring.

USB type A female USB output after the isolation. the output’s power internally cleaned after being processed through an ultra low noise voltage regulator. This DC power input can be powered from your choice of psu with ultra low noise which can further improve performance with cleaner power.

USB maximum output currents of up to 1A and 40uV output noise.

DC interface – 5.5MM/2.1MM – supports 5-9V DC input and recommends 6V input for optimal performance.

(Note:when using a 5V,the internal 5V regulator is not functioning,but can will output the 5V when power input is more than 7V

Contains the complete CNC aluminum alloy shell and product packaging.


USB to DC power supply cord


UPDATE: The KTE UIP-1 DDR (dual discrete regulator) approx 3uV output noise and -124db PSRR from 20hz-100khz!!!

  • Fitment of the ULN discrete regulators is very tricky due to very limited clearance inside the chassis. Each regulator is carefully and securely soldered to the motherboard with Mundorf Supreme 9.5% silver solder.
  • Upgrades include two ultra low noise discrete regulators. One of them is on the USB input side (dirty side) and is a 3.3V ULN discrete regulator. Also another 3.3V ULN discrete regulator on the clean side. Upgraded caps to RR7’s @ 7mOhm ultra low ESR caps. Caps are soldered with Mundorf Supreme 9.5% silver solder.
  • photos show the optional Industrial USB connectors (improved impedance) – optimal performance (add $60usd) (chassis must be modified to allow fitment of these connectors) Connectors are soldered with Mundorf Supreme 9.5% silver solder.

KTE UIP-1 DDR – $399usd

KTE UIP-1 DDR w/Industrial High Retention Orange Connectors – $459usd
















Above is a stock UIP-1 with standard USB connectors (black in color, low retention) – standard regulators and caps


UPDATE: The KTE SU1 DDR (in stock now!)














standard upgrades : silver/rhodium fuse, silver hookup wiring (air dielectric), dual discrete regulators (3.3v and 5v), wima film caps, nichicon input caps, panasonic output cap for each regulator, KTE badging for chassis, individual serial number

optional choice- Either Sanyo/Panasonic Oscon caps or Nichicon RR7’s.

optional upgrade – replace USB connector with Industrial High Retention connector

Two finishes available – in Black/Copper Signature Edition and also available in Silver/Stainless Steel
















Last photos are of my personal KTE-SU1 DDR – SU001337  🙂   I’ve been waiting to get this serial number for a while.