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Audio-GD NOS11 – Custom with many extras!

I’ve owned this Audio-GD Master 11 for a little over a year and it’s served me very well as my end game DAC/Amp for headphone use.  It’s more than capable to drive HE6 headphones and even can power speakers from the dual 3pin output on the front panel! No joke! it’s truly a beast! I’ve done a lot of mods to this m11 and improving its sound signature a bit.

Up for sale is my beloved Audio-GD Master11 – originally purchased direct from Kingwa when it was released. It was sent back to him to update to the NOS11 at factory. and can be changed back if desired, including spare firmware too.

*Updates were Norne Audio Silvergarde S wiring to replace ALL the copper OCC wire in the amp/dac.

*All connectors replaced with EiZZ tellurium copper/gold plated. (XLR and RCA’s.*)

*Kingwa also hardwired or soldered the upgraded gain stages (+6db gain for a total of 22+DB)

*This has the Amanero Combo 384 USB module

*HDMi i2S module options installed. Please note all these upgrades.

*3M AB5050S EMI/RF film on the pcm1704uk’s, and over the front panel output wires/connectors to shield from Eddy Current from the R-Core transformers.

*Updated with the newest firmware in Early December (nice increase of soundstage and detail retrieval. I would say 5-8% increase/improvement from previous firmware/DSP)

*Black Screw update (replaced all silver screws on front/sides etc)

This is a one of a kind dac/amp and a very high end setup. There is tremendous value in this gear. The wire alone is several hundred dollars, and the connectors are several hundred dollars. I shipped it back to China for 260usd to have the owner of Audio-GD do these update/upgrades. So add labor too. I hope this goes to another fellow Audio-GD enthusiast. This is an incredible amp/dac and one of the best i’ve heard. Truly an end game setup. It will drive any headphone and do so with ease!

Also comes with aluminum remote control (not shown in photos.) perfect shape.

This will come shipped in original box. Please allow 80USD to ship to USA only. and buyer pays paypal fees 2.9% – Email us if you’re interested in this DAC/AMP

price is 1900usd + 80 shipping/paypal fees. USA only

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