KTE LCR-1 MK5 / MK5S – MC/MM/MI – LCR RIAA Phono Stage

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we usually have these in stock and ready to ship! so you can expect to have it shipped in 1-3business days! 

this is the phono stage to have! you wont need an SUT with this very capable phono stage!!

Supply chain issues/delays are expected at this time. Current inventory is very low, and a few of the MK5 WBT SE. And we have several MK5-C at this time.



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5/2021 (NEW PRICING) model with R-Core transformer and discrete voltage regulation, upgraded caps, copper accents and KTE badges. Black Chassis (mk5 copper is base model and excellent sound quality for price point.) This is mid year model which we had to increase price due to new parts cost. previous inventory has been sold at original pricing.

Out of stock

5/2021 (new pricing) model with R-Core transformer and discrete voltage regulation, upgraded caps, copper accents and KTE badges. Black Chassis (mk5s WBT is higher end model with pure silver litz dc cable, DUAL discrete voltage regulation, Optimized caps for best transient response, black pcb with shielding, pure silver litz connections from pcb to connectors/rca, and upgraded Panasonic psu caps and WBT pure silver RCA Connectors - SE = SPECIAL EDITION - Black Chassis


KTE LCR-1 MK5 / MK5S – MC / MM / MI / MF – LCR RIAA Phono Stage

This is our 2021 MK5/version of LCR-1 RIAA phono. We are quite proud of this version of the LCR1, as it has improvements in the low end bass region.  We have made some improvements in the RIAA EQ chokes, specifically with the wire windings. 

Also the MK5 will have a very very limited edition release called the MK5-S WBT which is essentially the standard Silver wire version however with upgraded RCA connectors from WBT. PURE silver WBT Rca connectors. These will be limited a very small run. Email us if you would be interested in this model.

Kevin Valab’s experience in phono stage design and LCR choke building experience teamed with KitsuneHiFi to further tune and get the very most out of a Phono Stage. Total of 9 revisions have been designed/built and now what you see is our workout in past 4 years.

If you are serious analog audiophile then its quite possible that you may have a dream to have a LCR RIAA phono stage and know these can be very expensive. Typically the price is too much for many as well as they are somewhat rare. For LCR RIAA EQ it is so difficult to build and they require inductors that are extremely expensive. Valab in Taiwan has developed these LCR RIAA EQ chokes and are custom made to our specification. These use 80% high nickel content Permalloy cores and chokes. It has incredibly low DCR and capacitance. Each choke has 2 layers of electro magnetic “EMI” shielding to assure very low interference.

New full discrete circuit design which works at higher voltage to drive LCR equalization and followed by discrete class-A circuit as output stage, all transistors were carefully matched, and full DC design.

The New LCR inductors we are using are 3 times larger than early models of the LCR1, but have only 1/3 of the inner resistance. These cost significantly more but will be worthy investment for new LCR EQ and get perfect linear curve and ultra low distortion! They deliver music with significantly more detail and especially have very good micro dynamics. the MK5 has improve low end bass response. Total authority.

No capacitors in signal path and No-feedback LCR EQ circuit.

This is indeed KitsuneHiFi’s best implementation of the LCR-1 and is based on intensive investment and research and development. MK4 and MK5 is exclusive to KitsuneHiFi. You will not find it elsewhere.

Separate power supply design to eliminate EMI and vibration from power transformer. So this phono stage is incredibly quiet. No audible noise even with 100db level with speakers. How’s it sound? While it’s the best Phono we have ever heard. And better than many other phono stages 10x it’s price! It’s incredibly dynamic and pulls details out of analog vinyl that most phono stages cannot achieve. Staging is incredibly deep and wide with excellent separation. Foot tapping worthy.

It is full of components that are quite high in cost and implementation. You can see and appreciate the photos on this phono stage. All parts are carefully chosen,  Dale resistors, Valab wound LCR RIAA EQ chokes (80% Nickel Permalloy), Panasonic and SIC-Safco, Nichicon, Vishay capacitors and more. OCC internal wiring for signaling. Almost no budget concerns, we use best sounding and most reliable parts based on our experience.

Each KTE LCR-1 MK5 Phono stage is fitted with a discrete voltage regulation that has -125db PSRR and about <10uV output noise/ripple. This in turn allows the phono stage to deliver super detailed sound stage and micro dynamics. And of course excellent SNR.

Most importantly, we use expensive choke based LCR RIAA Equalization instead of conventional RC RIAA. In conventional RC RIAA circuit, music signals are ‘digested’ in resistor-capacitor filter for it’s large value resistor in circuit. While in LCR RIAA, almost all music details preserved! You can easily hear more music details and subtle nuanced that would otherwise be lost in most other phono stage circuits. So if you use LCR RIAA, your analog system can easily output ultra high resolution like a top end digital audio system and of course, very natural analog sound.  Must be heard to appreciate! LCR RIAA phonos all sold at incredibly high prices. We developed this product to deliver a reasonable price to the most demanding analog audiophile. We believe there is no compromises in sound quality and the KTE LCR-1 MK5 pairs perfectly with high end cartridges/turn tables. NOTE: AC power cable is not included, and recommend user chooses their own high quality Audio Grade power cable. 


Adjustable Gain : 100X (40db) 、 400X (52 db)、 800X (58db) 、1000X (60db) 、1250X (62db) 、1500X (63.5db) 、1800X (65db) 、2100X (66.5db) 、2400X (67.5db) 、2800X (69db) 、3000X (70db) 、3600X (71db) 倍、4000X (72db)

Adjustable Impedance :  47k、200Ω、150Ω、100Ω、85Ω、66Ω、60Ω、46Ω、20Ω、18Ω、16Ω、14Ω

Spec : Class-A FET , DC coupled, LCR-RIAA Equalized, Custom wound EQ Chokes w/ high 80% nickel Permalloy cores and Annealed wiring (matched/hand picked/hand wound to perfection) 

Power Supply : 30VA 24V R-Core  power transformer, offering massive dynamics and more than enough power than it consumes. 6N OCC Copper internal wire for signaling (S model uses 4N silver wiring). Dual Chassis Design. Fully Discrete 24v voltage regulation for ULTRA LOW <10uV RMA output noise @20Hz-20Khz and -124dB PSRR.   

Frequency Response : 20Hz-50kHz +/- 1db

THD : 0.008%

(SNR) Signal/ Noise ratio : 104 db on MM/ 95 db/MC

Nominal THD+N : <0.1% ( DC coupled circuit is very critical for the RIAA EQ circuit and listening to this phono amp tells the real story – The first gen design was 0.5% and our current generation is significantly better!)

Input Capacitance : 110pF

Input Impedance : 14 to 47k

Channel Separation : >90dB

Maximum Output Voltage : Approximately 300mV, however depends on cartridge and gain settings too 

Includes Accessories : DC power cable** from Chassis 1 to Chassis 2. This MUST be plugged in first before plugging in an AC Power Cable (not included). 

**High quality DC connectors that are CNC machined and auto locking.

note: this unit is NOT designed to be stacked on top of other gear, and not to be stacked on top of itself either. They are to be side by side or on different shelves in an audio rack. The main unit (with rca in/out) is very sensitive to emi/rf. So if it was on top of a transformer, dac, amp etc it can pickup feedback, hum etc. Keep away about 4-6inch from other gear for optimal performance. (should get it’s own shelf).  unit’s side by side should be about 2-3inch apart.




Additional information

Weight 9.75 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 7 in

KTE LCR-1 MK5 (black chassis), KTE LCR-1 MK5 WBT SE (black chassis), KTE LCR-1 MK5-S (black chassis), KTE LCR-1 MK5-S WBT (black chassis), KTE LCR-1 MK5-S WBT (silver chassis)

4 reviews for KTE LCR-1 MK5 / MK5S – MC/MM/MI – LCR RIAA Phono Stage

  1. Dan Mell

    This is an absolutely spectacular phono stage: detailed and extended without any harshness or glare. It’s pulling details out of records that I’ve never heard before.

    Listening to Deacon Blues on Aja and I’m picking out small rhythm guitar picking nuances I never knew existed, even in the SACD DSD master versions I have.

    Needless to say I highly recommend this phono stage and it’s quite a value for the money.

  2. Jon Bjørn

    I absolutely love this phono stage and I highly recommend it to any audiophile. The sound is detailed and open. The background is perfectly black. The value for money is better than any phono stage I’ve owned previously.

  3. Igor Kazakov (verified owner)

    It’s rare when in well tuned acoustic system anything brings significant “WOW!” effect. Well, this phono stage did! We’ve been sitting with our mouthes open, changing vinyl after vinyl, just listening. What was even more surprising and totally unexpected is when we connected mid range – Sony PS-HX500 turntable, this one opened up like super top of the line device. Absolutelly clean and very transparent sound ! Highly recommended !

  4. John Sierra

    I simply can’t believe how great this phono stage sounds. I’ve owned much more expensive options and this one beats them all. No need to spend big bucks on a phono preamp when something like this is available at such a great price.

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