Singxer UIP-1 – USB isolation processor, high speed USB 2.0 purifier


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UIP-1 USB Isolation Processor – USB 2,0 compliant

The first batch has been put into production and there is currently a small amount of spot.

The official retail price of the product is 1,560 yuan, overseas is 260 US dollars.

More information and descriptions are updated one after another. . .

This product contains a complete CNC aluminum alloy housing and product packaging, the following is a PCB motherboard diagram, the motherboard is not sold separately.





Fully comply with USB2.0 specification, support hot swap, support USB1.0 and USB1.1 at the same time, plug and play, no need to drive;



Wide compatibility with hosts and devices, including all operating systems, embedded systems and devices;



Advanced USB input port ESD protection, up to 15kV IEC air gap discharge;



USB input uses USB type B socket, USB input needs 5V power supply;



USB 2.0 high-speed isolator, supports up to 480Mbps, and its isolation voltage is up to 4kv rms;



It is truly complete isolation, including USB power and ground loops, which can well isolate front-end complex noise and electromagnetic interference.



The isolated USB signal will enter the USB processing chip for signal reorganization, removing a large amount of jitter at the front end, and then outputting after the local high quality clock is reorganized.



The isolated USB output uses a USB A-type female connector, the output power supply for the DC power input interface, and the internal output of a clean 5V power supply after ultra-low noise regulation;


The maximum current of the USB output is up to 1A, and the design output noise is as low as 40uV.



DC interface is 5.5MM/2.1MM, positive and negative external; support 5-9V DC input, the best and recommended voltage is 6V.



(Note: When using 5V, the internal 5V regulator will no longer work, but it can continue to output the original 5V; when the power supply exceeds 7V, the heat of the whole machine will begin to increase.)


Chassis size and packaging:

The length and width of the chassis: 112MM*72MM*26MM, does not include the height of the foot and the protruding part of the connector at the back of the chassis.

Stand-alone weight: about 0.2KG.

Carton length and width: 200MM*140MM*60MM

Shipping package weight: about 0.45KG

Accessories: A USB to DC power cable.



(Standard accessories are a USB to DC power cord, an AC-DC power adapter, and a USB print cable)

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4.4 × 2.85 × 1.02 in


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